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Lots of fun, good for your brain to flex its muscles.

5/5 cobiko

Fun, fast game if you like math challenges and competition with yourself and others. Between this and wordament, I will happily wait in a waiting room.

5/5 HerkyJerkyBill

Great Game. The short break between rounds is nice and I love how they negative numbers as well as division and mutiplication. Great for keeping your mind sharp.

5/5 Player920954591

Have been using iPhone for 2 years now and couldn't find a decent + interesting game that will sharpen your knowledge and skills. But the WP7 usage for 1 month landed me with this fun/reflexive game. Kudos to the developers.

5/5 anandbandura

Interactive, social and mind bending game. A must download

5/5 vaibhav

Pretty fun little game; makes you think FAST. Easy arithmetic, but awfully hard to get all 100 in the time allotted.

5/5 bruce


NumberTap : Wordament but with numbers

A great game that all number puzzle fans should download right now
NumberTap - give your brain a workout

It's a free, ad-supported, game that proves to be both highly addictive and entertaining
NumberTap Review

The game play is quick and seamless. I have played the game multiple times, and have throughly enjoyed it.
NumberTap game Review

The game is amazing...
NumberTap now available for Windows 8

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